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2017 Wetlands and Waterfowl Surveys

Ashleigh Coombs - Monday, September 18, 2017

Dear Survey Volunteers,

Thank you to the volunteers for your assistance undertaking the wetland and waterfowl surveys in 2016. The information gathered by volunteers has enabled us to collect valuable information on the abundance of waterfowl and the conditions of wetlands in South Australia contributing to the Assessment of Waterfowl Abundance and Wetland Condition in south-eastern South Australia (2016). The 2016 report is available at: This information was a key element in providing evidence to support the management of waterfowls in South Australia and continues to build our knowledge of wetlands and their condition in our state.

I am writing because we would like to extend an invitation to you as a volunteer to assist us in undertaking the Annual wetlands and waterfowl surveys in your region. The survey will be undertaken in the week either side of Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th October 2017, depending on the conditions and your availability. The sites that are available for the surveys are the same as last year's surveys (see attached lists).

These sites are part of an on-going monitoring programme so we encourage you to visit them in preference to other sites that you may know about. DEWNR are seeking to augment the number of wetlands surveyed as a part of the core sites so would welcome any suggestions you may have.

Once I have compiled your responses in regard to the selection of wetlands, a copy of the data sheet to record your observations for that wetland will be sent to you directly.

Please let me know by Friday 6 October 2017 which survey sites you have chosen to visit and whether you would prefer :

  • a pdf to print yourself,
  • a hard copy for you to record your information and post to us or,
  • a word document to add information to and return electronically.

To ensure participants are covered by the Department of Environment Water and Natural Resource’s insurance policy, everyone must be a registered DEWNR volunteer. For those of you not already registered as a DEWNR volunteer, please complete the attached Forms (Form 4: Volunteer Registration and Form 3: Volunteer Medical Management Form) and return to me via E-mail: or download the forms from the following links:

Form 3 – Volunteer Medical Management :

Form 4 – Volunteer Registration :

DEWNR values your assistance and input into this year’s survey and we look forward to hearing from you in the coming weeks. Please feel free to email or telephone (08) 82077709, if you have any questions, always happy to assist.

Thank you.

Kind regards

Dr. Suresh Kumar  B.Sc, M.Biotech, PhD

Acting Senior Policy Officer, Wetlands

Conservation, Sustainability and Wildlife Management Unit
Conservation, NRM & Protected Area Policy | Parks and Regions
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources

P (08) 8207 7709

Gluepot Reserve Ant Survey

Ashleigh Coombs - Monday, July 10, 2017

Hi Friends of Parks!

This is a call out to anyone interested in being part of our national ant ecology survey. We are looking for sanctuaries/Reserves/Schools/Farms/Community groups to be part of our project to sample across the Australian landscape. The purpose of this project is to involve members of the community in current ecology research as well as (Science alert!) compare ant responses to thermal stress and resource limitation along a state wide aridity and temperature gradient.

The basics of the project are that:

  • We provide all the equipment required for the project
  • We will come and set up the warming chambers (two perspex warming chambers, each 2m in size)
  • Every three months after the site is set up volunteers, students, community members etc. collect samples (which will take approximatly 1 or 2 hours) and send them back to us at the University of New England in NSW for Identification

further Information about our project is attached as well as available at the following link: (including a video on what we are expecting to collect from the survey): If you are interested in seeing more about Australian insect ecology research then use this link:

Happy Anting!,

Mr Sean Moore
PhD (Zoology) Student
Insect Ecology Lab
University of New England
Armidale, NSW, 2351, Australia.
Mob: 0424448012

Future Keepers project Future Keepers project (2413 KB)

Invitation to Participate in the Recent Ecological Change in Australia Project

Ashleigh Coombs - Monday, June 26, 2017

The Department of the Environment and Energy, together with the CSIRO are undertaking an investigation to understand how Australia’s biodiversity has been changing in recent years.

As a part of this investigation we are seeking to understand how the 1°C increase in surface temperature experienced over the past century may have contributed to recent changes in biodiversity across the Australian landscape. To this end we are very interested in hearing about the experiences and observations of people who are familiar with different parts of Australia. We hope that their insights and stories will provide us with a unique view of how things are changing.

To participate, you would need to be able to select a natural area (e.g. your local region or farm, a Nature Reserve, urban bushland) that you have been familiar with for at least the last 10 years. Note that we are interested both in areas where change has been observed and where change has not been observed.

The survey can be found here and is made up of a series of observational questions and an open section for people to tell us their stories. It would take about 30 minutes.

Additional information about the project can be found here.

If you think people in your network would be interested in participating, I can send you some additional text containing the survey link that you can use for distribution. My email address is

Thanks for your time.


Natasha Porter

Land and Water


Enatasha.porter@csiro.auT +61 8 9333 6251

Private Bag 5, WEMBLEY, WA 6913

Parks research project - Volunteers needed

Ashleigh Coombs - Thursday, April 06, 2017

Hi everyone

We have been approached by the Community Engagement Branch, DEWNR, to assist them to arrange a gathering of Friends of Parks Inc. volunteers, to come together to talk about their experiences in and around our State’s parks, marine parks, and reserves. This is from a park visitor perspective, not in a volunteering capacity. Please see the information below from Michelle Read, Marketing and Communications Manager.

We would love to bring together a group of volunteers in the next two weeks to understand the experiences they have in and around the state’s parks, marine parks and reserves. We need to speak to about 10 people.

The workshop will take two hours, and will be held here at the DEWNR Offices, Room 10.7 - Level 10, 81 Waymouth Street, Adelaide, on Wednesday, 19 April, 2017 - 1 pm - 3 pm.

The workshop will use a design thinking methodology – an innovative, evidence-based, visitor-centric approach to solving problems. We’ll explore volunteers’ goals, needs, barriers and ideal scenarios when visiting parks. Then we’ll map the journey that they undertake when visiting parks.

The workshop will be collaborative and contain some creative elements. Volunteers won’t be sitting back listening to a presentation – we’d love them to actively participate.

If you wish to be involved, can you please respond to: Emma Acella, Trainee Administration Officer, People and Performance, Community Engagement, on 8463 7117 or email, stating:

Friends of Parks Inc. Member Group:
Best contact telephone number:
Email address:
and please copy me in to your reply, so I can keep up with the numbers attending.

Thanks very much for your time.


Kind regards

Pam Smith
Grants and Volunteer Program Administration Officer

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