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Remnant Native Vegetation Plan - City of Marion

Ashleigh Coombs - Friday, December 01, 2017

I am pleased to advise that after approximately 18 months of pretty hard slog, many many reports and liaison with elected members and other staff we have been able to release the draft Remnant Native Vegetation Plan 2018 to 2023 for community consultation. This document will be the basis for guiding and funding ongoing works to protect precious Remnant Native Vegetation across the City of Marion. Please have a look and undertake the very small survey. Please also feel free to send the link to other members of your groups and anyone you think may be interested. Hopefully we will have some overwhelmingly positive feedback to allow this exciting initiative to continue, I am quite dependant on your support to ensure this occurs. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss this further.

Jerry Smith
Coordinator Biodiversity | City of Marion

P 08 7420 6496 | F 08 8377 0006 | M 0478 408 888
E | W

Call for Nominations to Conservation Council’s Executive Committee and Environmental Standing Committees

Ashleigh Coombs - Thursday, October 05, 2017

Call for Nominations to Conservation Council’s Executive Committee and Environmental Standing Committees

1. Nominations are now open for Conservation Council’s Executive Committee

If you are interested in helping to manage the State’s peak environment body then please consider nominating for the CCSA’s Executive Committee.

The role of Conservation Council’s Executive Committee is to provide progressive, collective leadership to the organisation, and to manage its affairs.

We are looking for people who have experience in management, high level campaigning, business, finance or fundraising or any other aspect of managing a non-government organisation and would like to assist. The positions are voluntary but rewarding. Attached is a nomination form. You can also nominate others.

Elections, if needed will be held at CCSA’s AGM on 2 November 2017

As our hard working and successful President for last few years (Nadia McLaren) will not be nominating this year we particularly ask people to consider the president’s position. If needed please talk to Craig Wilkins (0417879439) or Nadia for more info.

2. Call for nominations for our Environmental Standing Committees

To support the policy work of the Conservation Council we seek people who are willing to lead our Environmental Standing Committees on Biodiversity, Coast and Marine, Energy, Planning and Development, Waste, Sustainability and Water. If you or someone you know has the skills and expertise to share, then consider nominating yourself or asking others to nominate (form attached)

Nominations close 5pm Wednesday 19th of October
–post nomination forms to CCSA or email completed forms to

CCSA - ExecCommittee CCSA - ExecCommittee (131 KB)


State Community Landcare Conference 2017

Ashleigh Coombs - Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Registrations are open.

  • The 2017 Conference is nearly here
  • Tours are selling out fast
  • Conference Program
  • Thank you to our Sponsors!
  • For all details go to -

    Simpson Desert Draft Management Plan for public consultation

    Ashleigh Coombs - Friday, August 11, 2017

    The Simpson Desert Conservation Park and Simpson Desert Regional Reserve Draft Management Plan has now been released for public consultation.

    This plan has been developed by the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources with advice from representatives of the Wangkangurru Yarluyandi Aboriginal Corporation.

    A copy is attached, and the plan can also be downloaded at

    Submissions can be made via email, post, or online via YourSAy.

    Please note that submissions will form part of the public record unless otherwise requested.

    Submissions close 10 November 2017.

    Amy Allen
    Project Officer, Protected Areas Unit
    Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
    GPO Box 1047
    ADELAIDE SA 5001


    Please feel free to forward this on to anyone who may have an interest.

    Kind regards,

    Amy K. Allen

    Simpson Desert draft Management Plan Simpson Desert draft Management Plan (2379 KB)

    Call for nominations: Native Vegetation Council & Premier's Climate Change Council

    Ashleigh Coombs - Thursday, June 01, 2017

    Conservation Council SA

    Dear friends

    Please see attached information about both of these committees.

    Nominations for both close COB on Friday 9th June.

    To nominate, please send a copy of your CV with a cover letter that contains a short bio and explains your interest in either native vegetation or climate change.

    You are welcome to circulate this email to others in your network who you think have the relevant background/skills.

    Many thanks

    Julia on behalf of Craig Wilkins

    Conservation Council SA
    The Joinery / 111 Franklin Street, Adelaide SA 5000
    (08) 8223 5155


    Native Vegetation Council

    CCSA - NVC CCSA - NVC (55 KB)

    Premiers Climate Change Council


    Management plan for Tallaringa Conservation Park

    Ashleigh Coombs - Thursday, April 06, 2017

    The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, together with the Tallaringa Conservation Park Advisory Committee, is working towards the development of a management plan for Tallaringa Conservation Park. This management plan will describe management objectives and strategies for the park in accordance with the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972.

    A draft management plan has been developed to facilitate community input into the development of the final plan. Comments received in response to the draft plan will be used to help develop the final management plan.

    A copy of the draft management plan is attached, and it can also be downloaded at

    You can have your say via post, email or online. Please provide your comments by 14 July 2017.


    Amy Allen
    Protected Areas Unit
    Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
    GPO Box 1047
    Adelaide SA 5001




    If you have any questions regarding the Tallaringa Conservation Park Draft Management Plan, please contact Amy Allen on 8207 7747 or via email at

    Please feel free to forward this on to others that may be interested.

    Kind regards,

    Amy K. Allen

    Project Officer, Protected Areas Unit
    Conservation, NRM and Protected Area Policy | Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
    P (08) 8207 7747 |

    Tallaringa Conservation Park Draft Management Plan 2017 Tallaringa Conservation Park Draft Management Plan 2017 (3606 KB)

    Draft Park Management Plans now out for consultation

    Ashleigh Coombs - Thursday, March 23, 2017

    Draft Park Management Plans now out for consultation.

    Ngaut Ngaut Conservation Park Draft Management Plan - comments due by 22 May 2017

    Innamincka Regional Reserve Draft Management Plan- comments due 6 June

    Witjira National Park Draft Management Plan - comments due 9 June 2017

    Link to all:


    Jill Woodlands
    NGO - Natural Resources Management Facilitator
    Part-time 2.5 days - Mon pm, Wed, Thur

    The State of Volunteering

    Ashleigh Coombs - Thursday, March 09, 2017


    The State of Volunteering Online

    The State of Volunteering Online is an e-newsletter that the Office for Volunteers emails to volunteers, community organisations and government agencies.

    Read the latest issue

    Tell us your story

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    DEWNR - Shaping up to deliver

    Ashleigh Coombs - Monday, February 20, 2017

    DEWNR has kicked-off 2017 with a new organisational structure, one that sharpens our focus on areas of critical importance for South Australia

    We now have a six group structure comprising:

    • Parks and Regions
    • Climate Change
    • Water
    • Economic and Sustainable Development
    • Science
    • People and Performance

    Significantly, the new Economic and Sustainable Development Group will enhance our capacity to contribute to the economic prosperity of the state, with a core focus on nature-based tourism as a driver for jobs, community wellbeing and sustaining our environment.

    Our purpose remains strong—to help South Australians to conserve, sustain and prosper.

    Our new structure will enable a more focused and coordinated approach to deliver on this purpose, and the goals of our corporate plan.

    The leadership of the organisation is in excellent hands, with six exceptional Group Executive Directors responsible for enabling a more direct and coordinated approach to achieving this vision.

    I recognise that collaboration and partnerships are critical to our effectiveness, and invite you to engage directly with me and any of my Executive team to pursue new opportunities.

    I look forward to working with you to deliver in 2017 and beyond.

    Sandy Pitcher, CE

    DEWNR - Shaping up to deliver DEWNR - Shaping up to deliver (1631 KB)

    Response to University of Adelaide plans to develop Glenthorne Farm

    Ashleigh Coombs - Friday, February 03, 2017


    There was an article in the Advertiser recently about Glenthorne (see attached).

    Many who attended the Friends of Parks Forum in October 2016 will be interested to know what is happening since the Liberal Party announcement.

    A letter has been sent to The Advertiser (see below) - you might like to forward to your members.

    The battle has started and with the City of Marion’s help, and the Friends will be doing all we can to save Glenthorne.

    Alan Burns

    Secretary / Treasurer - Friends of Glenthorne Inc.



    The Friends of Glenthorne are appalled at the University of Adelaide’s latest plans of open space destruction in the southern suburbs at Glenthorne Farm.

    Haven’t we lost enough of our valuable and unique woodland? Isn’t it time to start putting something back before all is lost?

    The University should not be involved in setting up residential properties, business hubs, public sports fields, but should stick to what they are meant to be good at, education and research.

    It is truly unbelievable that the University of Adelaide dis-regards current research, (even by its own) which states that to hold back local species extinctions and reverse the “extinction debt” of native birds in the Mount Lofty Ranges, our unique landscapes need to increase from the current less than 10% remaining (of the original pre-European) to about 30%.

    Glenthorne Farm is a critical component of the environmental recovery of Adelaide and its surrounds. It is also an important wildlife corridor between local parks and other open space. It seems that the University are not interested in this.

    Despite invitations, the University has not taken part in any public meeting concerning the future use of Glenthorne, but it does seem interested in making as much money as it can from the sale of the property at the Community’s long term expense.

    A sale which it promised would never happen. The original 2001 Deed of Sale, from the CSIRO, stated that Glenthorne Farm should remain Open Space, with no development whatsoever.

    The sale from the CSIRO to the University of Adelaide only proceeded because the Federal Government received contractual assurance through the Deed that this site would be maintained as Open Space and because the SA State Government gave the University of Adelaide $7.0 million of our taxpayer’s money.

    The University of Adelaide’s recently revealed plans for Glenthorne are a clear dis-regard of this deed and the promise the University made almost 16 years ago.

    According to the Deed, the State Government has the legal right to buy the property back from the University for $1.00 if the Uni’s plans for the property contravene the deed.

    Simply planning housing and other urban development is a breach of the deed and the deadline for an acceptable Concept Plan from the University is years overdue, a further breach.

    The Government has been very patient with the University of Adelaide, allowing them time to develop suitable plans for the property, but these latest plans must be the final straw for the State Government.

    I can say that the Community lost patience many years ago and are looking to the State Government for action.

    The State Government should remove control of Glenthorne Farm from the University and give it to those dedicated and qualified in keeping, not selling, its ecological value. Glenthorne Farm and the surrounding Conservation Parks are a State treasure for us and future generations, and should not be sold and lost, just to re-fill the coffers of a tired University.

    This disregard for unique local biodiversity and future generations of South Australians is unacceptable.

    In the recent years the University has raised over $50 million through the sales of bequeathed properties, Moralana Station, Mundunney at Spalding and Martindale Farm at Mintaro.

    When will the destruction and selloff stop?

    The State election next year will certainly be a time when the People of South Australia will decide if the State Government does the right thing or not in this regard and in the meantime we will be stepping up our campaign to save this irreplaceable and beautiful property.

    There will be no second chances.

    There is only one Glenthorne.

    Signed: Alan Burns, Secretary / Treasurer - Friends of Glenthorne Inc.

    Uni to sell farm Uni to sell farm (1247 KB)