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Gluepot Reserve Ant Survey

Ashleigh Coombs - Monday, July 10, 2017

Hi Friends of Parks!

This is a call out to anyone interested in being part of our national ant ecology survey. We are looking for sanctuaries/Reserves/Schools/Farms/Community groups to be part of our project to sample across the Australian landscape. The purpose of this project is to involve members of the community in current ecology research as well as (Science alert!) compare ant responses to thermal stress and resource limitation along a state wide aridity and temperature gradient.

The basics of the project are that:

  • We provide all the equipment required for the project
  • We will come and set up the warming chambers (two perspex warming chambers, each 2m in size)
  • Every three months after the site is set up volunteers, students, community members etc. collect samples (which will take approximatly 1 or 2 hours) and send them back to us at the University of New England in NSW for Identification

further Information about our project is attached as well as available at the following link: (including a video on what we are expecting to collect from the survey): If you are interested in seeing more about Australian insect ecology research then use this link:

Happy Anting!,

Mr Sean Moore
PhD (Zoology) Student
Insect Ecology Lab
University of New England
Armidale, NSW, 2351, Australia.
Mob: 0424448012

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