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'Bushfires and Biodiversity' project

Ashleigh Coombs - Thursday, August 24, 2017

Dear Friends and Supporters of the 'Bushfires and Biodiversity' project,

On behalf of the research team I am writing to thank you for all your support for, and participation in, the 'Bushfires and Biodiversity' project.

We concluded our final formal workshop of the project recently, though the research will continue for some time to come as we have lots of data still to analyse and papers to write! We will notify you of key findings and outputs in the months ahead and may also seek further input as we pursue particular future lines of enquiry.

To mark the final project workshop we have produced a Draft Summary Report prepared by Emily Moskwa, which I am attaching herewith. We would welcome any comments or queries you may have, which will help us produce a more considered final report in due course.

Once again, thank you for all your kind assistance.

yours sincerely,

Guy Robinson

Professor Guy M Robinson BSc (London) DPhil (Oxon) FRGS

Editor Land Use Policy
Adjunct, Department of Geography, Environment and Population,
School of Social Sciences,
University of Adelaide, South Australia 5005, Australia.
Guest Professor, Institute of Geographic Sciences & Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Mobile 0434181279
Tel 61-8-72821784
Skype: guy.robinson50

Bushfires and Biodiversity report Bushfires and Biodiversity report (5143 KB)

State Community Landcare Conference 2017

Ashleigh Coombs - Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Registrations are open.

  • The 2017 Conference is nearly here
  • Tours are selling out fast
  • Conference Program
  • Thank you to our Sponsors!
  • For all details go to -

    Fund My Neighbourhood program

    Ashleigh Coombs - Tuesday, August 22, 2017
    Do you have a cracking idea to help your local environment or special nature place?

    Need some help to get it happening?

    Funding opportunities are rare for local environmental projects, so we are keen for you to make the most of the recently announced Fund My Neighbourhood program.

    While much of the publicity for the program has focused on sporting clubrooms and playgrounds, there's nothing to stop the money going towards protecting or enhancing your little pocket of this beautiful planet we call home.

    It could be rehabilitating a local patch of bush, creating a rain garden or butterfly garden, or planting a communal orchard.

    If you are an individual or a group who has an environmental idea to improve your neighbourhood but is not sure how or where to begin, come to a special information session:

    WHEN: Wednesday 23 August, 2017 from 4:30pm - 5.30pm
    WHERE: The Joinery, 111 Franklin St Adelaide
    And if you want to partner with us on a project, give Conservation SA's Kathryn Warhurst a call on 8223 5155.

    Fund My Neighbourhood is different from a usual grant funding round - it's a participatory budgeting program that gives South Australians the power to nominate and vote for the projects they like the best.

    Environment & Sustainability is one of six eligible categories — but there are lots of tricks and potential traps that can dramatically increase or decrease the chance of your project being chosen.

    So we've invited Gail Fairlamb, one of the creators of the program, along on Wednesday to explain how you can give yourself or your group the best chance for success.

    We hope to see you Wednesday at 4.30pm. Otherwise, give Kathryn a call to see if we can help you turn your dream project into reality.

    All the best
    Craig and the Conservation SA team

    Tips for Applications Tips for Applications (13 KB)

    Simpson Desert Draft Management Plan for public consultation

    Ashleigh Coombs - Friday, August 11, 2017

    The Simpson Desert Conservation Park and Simpson Desert Regional Reserve Draft Management Plan has now been released for public consultation.

    This plan has been developed by the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources with advice from representatives of the Wangkangurru Yarluyandi Aboriginal Corporation.

    A copy is attached, and the plan can also be downloaded at

    Submissions can be made via email, post, or online via YourSAy.

    Please note that submissions will form part of the public record unless otherwise requested.

    Submissions close 10 November 2017.

    Amy Allen
    Project Officer, Protected Areas Unit
    Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
    GPO Box 1047
    ADELAIDE SA 5001


    Please feel free to forward this on to anyone who may have an interest.

    Kind regards,

    Amy K. Allen

    Simpson Desert draft Management Plan Simpson Desert draft Management Plan (2379 KB)

    WORKING BEE - Gardening at Old Government House, Belair National Park.

    Ashleigh Coombs - Wednesday, August 02, 2017


    There will be a regular working bee once a month – 3rd Saturday starting at 8.30am and ending at 10.30am.

    The first working bee will be the 3rd Saturday 19th August, 2017. If you want to come outside of these hours you are more than welcome, but you need to work in pairs. At the end of our work, we can all have a cup of tea and a biscuit in the coach house. It will be fun.

    The Rules:

    1.Wear appropriate clothing. Enclosed shoes, long sleeved shirts, and long pants. Remember that there are snakes around in the warmer weather, just as there are in the rest of the Park.

    2.There will be no working bee in January

    3.The working bee will be cancelled if:

    (a) It is raining more than just a light shower

    (b) There is a severe weather warning for the Mt. Lofty Ranges.

    (c) The forecast temperature is higher than 35ºC

    PLEASE KEEP AN EYE ON THE WEATHER FORECAST: THE FORECAST FOR THE NEXT DAY IS USUALLY POSTED AROUND 4.30PM ON THE BUREAU OF METEOROLOGY WEBSITE. I’ll try to let everyone know if we cancel, but that may not be possible at short notice – so keep your eye out.

    Sometime over the next month, we will map the garden into segments. You can either decide to take on a specific segment, and make it your own; or you can just rock up and do whatever needs to be done. In August I anticipate a ton of weeding, and we need to start feeding certain plants.

    I’d also like to minimize the number of paper wasp nests in the garden; they are predating upon the Monarch caterpillars, and whilst we can’t get rid of them entirely, we may be able to reduce the numbers by keeping an eye out for wasp nests and destroying them before them become established.


    You will need to bring your own gloves and secateurs; and possibly a trowel or small garden fork.

    We have plenty of rakes, spades, and a couple of wheel barrows, some plastic rubbish bins and some kneelers.

    Tina Gallasch
    Gardening Convenor
    Ph: 8178 0688

    NEW BOOK: Focus on Flora - Plants of the Adelaide Hills and Barossa

    Ashleigh Coombs - Wednesday, August 02, 2017

    The book is a photographic guide covering over 280 local species.

    Just about all local native plants you are likely to see.

    Photos are close ups of flowers and foliage as well as whole plants.

    The text for each species is in simple language suitable for both the novice and people who know plants well.

    Using this book, which is arranged intuitively in lifeforms, anybody should be able to identify our native plants correctly.

    Perfect for those visiting or working in the bush such as members of the Friends of Parks Groups.

    As the Landcare Group is not trying to make a lot of money out of the book we are offering the book for $30 (normally retailed at $39.95) to community groups if they buy ten or more copies.

    Groups can choose to sell the book at it’s regular price creating fundraising for the group, or sell the book cheaply to its members. Money can be paid to KLG after the books have been sold.

    We have had excellent feedback on the book from all who have bought it so far.

    So far we have only accessed a small portion of our books by air freight.

    The bulk of the order is arriving by ship in 2 - 3 weeks time.

    I have attached a PDF sample.

    Focus on Flora Focus on Flora (905 KB)

    Also attached is a community group offer flyer.

    Focus on Flora - Special Offer Focus on Flora - Special Offer (200 KB)

    Yvonne Gravier
    Kersbrook Landcare Group.

    Friends of Spring Gully 30th Anniversary Dinner

    Ashleigh Coombs - Tuesday, August 01, 2017

    Friends of Spring Gully 30th Anniversary Dinner

    The Friends of Spring Gully Conservation Park have accomplished some outstanding conservation outcomes and dedicated countless volunteer hours since their first meeting at the Clare Community Centre in 1987.

    Eighteen past and present members, along with staff from Natural Resources Northern and Yorke, recently celebrated 30 years of achievement at the Sevenhill Hotel, with many attendees having been involved with the Friends of Spring Gully since inception.

    Natural Resources Northern and Yorke Volunteer Support Officer Carly Dillon said that the evening was a great opportunity for past and present members to come together to celebrate their successes.

    “The commitment and continued passion and enthusiasm that the Friends group volunteers show to Spring Gully Conservation Park is inspiring,” Ms Dillon said.

    “The group have actively targeted a variety of weeds, including briar rose and a lavender infestation that they have slowly contained, subsequently reducing its spread through the park.”

    “They also work on maintaining walking trails for the community to enjoy, and protecting nationally-threatened orchids, by undertaking weed control and installing protective caging to minimise any negative impacts on the species.”

    President of the Friends of Spring Gully Conservation Park Geoff Brownlie said that members were proud to be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the founding of the group.

    “The anniversary was a great opportunity to recognise our achievements, and to meet some of the past members who contributed to the group over the 30 years,” Mr Brownlie said.

    “Working bees are a chance for volunteers to contribute to conservation particularly through helping control weeds in the Park. Our members have good knowledge of plants and animals so it’s a great way to learn about our local environment.”

    Ms Dillon said without the groups work and dedication, the park would not be in as good a condition as it is.

    “We thank the Friends of Spring Gully for their hard work and congratulate them on their achievements in conservation over the past thirty years,” Ms Dillon said.

    The Friends of Spring Gully Conservation Park are supported by Natural Resources Northern and Yorke staff and Friends of Parks Inc.

    The group hold working bees in the park on the second and fourth Saturday of each month. If you are interested in joining the Friends group or would like more information, contact the Natural Resources Centre in Clare on 8841 3400.

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