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Ashleigh Coombs - Monday, August 08, 2016

by Brenda Westlake

Ten years ago, the onlyGoodenia albiflora(white goodenia) known to exist between Kingston Park and O’Halloran Hill were a couple of weak plants along a cliff path above the Brighton Caravan Park, a patch under trees east of the Hallett Cove Railway Station and another patch south of the O’Halloran Hill Fire Station. It is believed the O’Halloran Hill plants are the only ones to have survived.

A member of the Friends of Hallett Cove Conservation Park, who discovered these colonies of Goodenia albiflora, and recognised their uncommon status, took cuttings and spread them in the Park at Hallett Cove and around the district. At that time, he was working closely with the nursery staff of the City of Marion, and so gave them several plants, from which they propagated. Since then Council have included them extensively in their native gardens. The most notable use is at the new Cove Civic Centre at Hallett Cove, where the 2016 Friends of Parks Forum will be held in October this year. Other nearby councils now include them in their plantings as well. They make a good drought-tolerant addition to a home garden. In summer, the plants die back, but sprout and spread the following year. However, they will not survive the fungus caused by organic mulch.

It is the aim of the Friends of Hallett Cove Conservation Park to make the park a refuge for endangered, threatened, vulnerable rare and uncommon plants from nearby. We have also successfully saved Myoporum viscosum (sticky boobialla)from near extinction in this district, as well as protecting other remnant plants like Acacia victoriae, Adriana quadripartita, Dichanthium sericeum (silky blue-grass), Eremophila longifolium (weeping emu bush), Lycium australe (Australian boxthorn) Maireana rohrlachii (Rohrlach’s blue-bush), Scleranthus pungens (prickly knawel) Sida petrophila (rock sida) and Solanum simile. Maireana aphilla, Teucrium racemosum (grey germander) and Gonocarpus mezeanus (heart-leaved raspwort) are treasured remnants from within the park.

One of the patches of Goodenia albiflora in Hallett Cove CP

We invite you to come to the 30th Friends of Parks Forum, to be held from 14-16 October 2016 at Hallett Cove, and see what else we have accomplished in the district. Hallett Cove is not only renowned for its geology.




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