Native Orchid Society of South Australia Inc

Members of the Native Orchid Society of South Australia (NOSSA) are involved in the conservation of native orchids throughout South Australia.

Not only are orchids fascinating, due to their sensitivity, they are important as indicators of environmental conditions. Their diversity and abundance are also gauges for the ecological condition of native vegetation.
NOSAA’s involvement in collaborative projects with other environmental organisations include
  • Propagation of native orchids for reintroduction into appropriate areas of native vegetation
  • Assisting with weed control at a small number of sites
  • Lobbying for the protection of native orchids and their habitat
  • Recently assisted with one of the NRM’s Educational posters – Common Orchids of the Adelaide Hills (available from the NRM website; a link is provided on the NOSSA website)
  • Orchid education such as by leading groups eg Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens annual walk, and displays eg BioBlitz
NOSSA membership activities include
  • monthly field trips to examine and photograph orchids in the wild
  • assisting with weed control at a small number of sites
  • assisting with monitoring some of the rarest orchids in the state
  • documenting the orchid species of South Australia
  • preparing resources to assist with orchid identification, both in print and electronic formats.
  • conducting surveys (by skilled volunteers) for native orchids.
  • lobbying for the protection of native orchids and their habitats
NOSSA resources include
  • a monthly journal for members
  • an orchid field guide identification disk – South Australia’s Native Orchids 
  • Facebook page
Membership fees: $20 per annum which includes 11 monthly electronic Journals, OR $25 if mailed journal is required.

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Secretary: Rosalie Lawrence


Phone: 8294 8014

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PO Box 565, Unley SA 5061