Friends of Scott Creek Conservation Park

Since our foundation in September 1990, we have planted several thousand trees - all indigenous to the area, removed miles of rusty old fencing, and waged a dedicated campaign against a variety of weeds, most notably : Broom, Gorse, Bone-seed, South African Daisy, Erica, Olives, Blackberry and the weed orchid Monodenia bracteata.

Restoration of blackberry infested creek lines has also occupied much of our time. Several creek lines are in various stages of rehabilitation.

They still contain vestiges of their original species and the natural regeneration of long dormant seed has been interesting to observe.

Under the guidance of our patron, noted botanist Enid Robertson, we have followed the "Bradley principle" of working on the good areas of bush first, and keeping them free from weeds.

We then gradually work out to the more degraded areas.

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Secretary: Jim Spiker


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