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Marino Conservation Park lies to the south west of the Adelaide metropolitan area. It occupies 30 hectares on the crests of two ridges running parallel to the coast, and the gullies between them. It is bounded on the west by the Adelaide - Noarlunga railway; on the north by Bundarra Road; on the east by Park View Terrace; and on the south by a pastoral property. A high point is on the southern boundary, where the Lighthouse has been erected on land that has been excised from the Park. This area is under the control of the Federal Department of Communications and Transport.

Three gullies drain the western slopes towards the sea, and two drain to the north. The deepest of these, closest to the eastern boundary, has been filled with domestic rubbish and is now covered with landfill.


Two different vegetation types are present in Marino CP. The most westerly portion of the Park, the slope above the railway line, is covered with a coastal heath vegetation. This type of vegetation was once widespread along the Adelaide Metropolitan coastline, but few examples have survived the spread of urbanisation. This area of about 8 hectares is thus very significant.

Marino Conservation Park covers about 30 hectares just north of the Lighthouse. It was proclaimed as a conservation park in 1989, but has always been Crown Land. Since European settlement, most of it has only been used as grazing land, though a deep gully was used as a garbage tip by Marion Council, and has since been covered by landfill.

From the crest near the lighthouse, there are magnificent views over the city, and along Adelaide's metropolitan beaches.

Friends of Marino Conservation Park

"The Friends of Marino Conservation Park assist the staff of National Parks and Wildlife SA to protect the Park's remnant coastal heath vegetation, and to return the remainder of the Park to a natural condition, by controlling weeds and replanting appropriate species."


Membership is open to any interested person, and costs $5.00 annually. A large group of people have been financial members, but the bulk of the physical work has been performed by a much smaller group. A reliable body of less than 10 members has been working in the park for more than 20 years. As almost all of them have been retired for several years, we are always keen to see new younger members. Contact the Regional Office of NPWSA at Cleland Conservation Park, or any of the people listed on the Contact page, for information on becoming a member.


The Committee of the Friends hold formal meetings bimonthly, usually at 7.30 pm on the evening of the first Wednesday of the odd month. Contact the email addresses given in the Contact Page to find out the date and place of the next meeting.

The AGM is usually held in March or April, at the community Hall on Newland Avenue, Marino. Visitors are always welcome to hear an address by an invited guest.


Members hold regular working bees to assist with management of the Park. Regular activities include weed control, direct seeding, seed propagation, and planting and watering of tube stock. Past activities have included mapping and counting individuals of threatened plant species, and identifying and photographing indigenous species. Weed control is especially important in areas affected by a fire late in 2011.



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