Friends of Innes National Park

The Friends of Innes assist the National Park staff in maintaining and conserving the Park for the Community to continue to enjoy.

The Group holds monthly working bees subject to weather conditions permitting on the third Tuesday meeting at 9:00 am at the Friends shed at Stenhouse Bay. Business meetings are conducted quarterly .The Friends of Innes is affiliated with the Friends of Parks Inc which ensures that our organisation is kept up to date with training and study opportunities as well as participating in the work of conservation in all State Parks.

Routine Planned Activities for 2015 under the management of Ranger in Charge the Group will:

  • Plant out over 3000 seedlings and young plants propagated during 2014 throughout the Park
  • Clear walking trails by pruning back vegetation and removal of weeds where required,
  • Preserve by painting and spraying with Fish Oil, Farm Machinery at Inneston, Anchors at Stenhouse Bay and Ethel, locomotives and carts on the Stenhouse Bay trail.

Every year additional exciting works are initiated by the Park for the Friends of Innes to tackle.


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Secretary: Joyce Yeomans


Phone: 0427 792 271

Postal Address:

22 Tilbrook Avenue, Minlaton SA 5575