Friends of Deep Creek Conservation Park

Friends of Deep Creek

Conservation Park Deep Creek and Talisker Conservation Park

Meeting Times Every 3rd Sunday of each month except the Annual General. Meeting in December which is held on the first Sunday. Start time 10am till normally 2pm. All meeting consist of a short preliminary meeting held for approximately 30 minutes then a 2 to 4 hour working bee. Our only formal meeting is held at the AGM.

Meeting Place Glenburn Deep Creek National Parks Head Quarters

Group Members Approximately 20

Membership Fees $5 per person per year (16 years or under Free)

Brief park description.

Tall trees and spectacular rugged cliffs, shaped by pounding waves, are conserved in the 4,000 hectares of the Deep creek Conservation Park. Orchids and ferns grow in moist gullies with permanent running creeks. Else-where heath and stunted eucalypts struggle to survive on windswept coastal ridges. Walking trails, including the Heysen Trail, cross much of the area, providing access to creeks and waterfalls and giving breathtaking views of the ocean. Animals and wildlife abound.

The Friends The friends are a volunteer group whose role is to provide support in appropriate ways, towards the benefit of the Deep Creek Conservation Park by

  • Assisting in the revegetation of specific areas within the park
  • Assisting with weed management
  • Seed collection
  • Tree propagation and planting
  • Walking Trail monitoring and maintenance
  • Publicising the benefits and beauties of the park

New members are always welcome, and after every meeting we get together to have lunch and catch up with a few laughs.

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Contact Details

Secretary: Michael Brennan


Phone: 0407 712 064

Postal Address:

6 Brayton Road, Huntfield Heights SA 5163