Friends of the Coorong National Park

The Coorong National Park

The Coorong is an estuary at the end of the River Murray and includes a magnificent coastal sand dune system and a complex wetland habitat. Stretching some 145kms south-east from the mouth of the River Murray almost to Kingston, the Coorong National Park covers approximately 50,000 ha and is rarely more than four kilometres in width.
With its dunes, lagoons, ephemeral lakes, freshwater soaks and mallee scrublands, the Coorong is an area of world-wide biological significance as it contains coastal and salt-influenced terrestrial habitats, as well as unusual aquatic habitats. Listed as a wetland of importance under several international agreements, it is home to over 200 species of birds and offers a summer and drought refuge for many species of migratory birds and waterfowl.
Roughly divided into the northern and southern lagoons, the name Coorong comes from the Aboriginal word, Kurangk, meaning long neck. It is a place of enormous cultural significance to the Ngarrindjeri, with ancient mounds of discarded shells and relics revealing evidence of campsites over thousands of years.
The park provides fantastic opportunities for bird watching, fishing, boating, camping, photography and sightseeing. It can be explored on foot via walking trails, by paddling along waterways in a canoe or by 4WD along designated tracks and the ocean beach.
The Friends of the Coorong
The Friends of the Coorong group was formed in 1987 to provide voluntary assistance in genuine partnership with Parks staff. We are dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the natural, European and cultural heritage of the internationally renowned Coorong National Park.
We provide activities and social opportunities for our members and the general public to foster community responsibility through awareness, support and enjoyment of the park. We also raise funds for projects which benefit the park and our visitors’ experiences.
Some of our activities include participating in:
•Clean Up Australia Day
•National Tree Day
•Coorong Walking Group
•fauna and flora surveys
•local Christmas pageants
•restoration of historic sites
•maintenance of walking trails
•production of books, signs and visitor information
•fundraising activities
The Coorong Trails Project involves mapping existing trails and camping sites in the Coorong which will encourage exploration and enjoyment of the park by walking, riding or driving.
To see our annual calendar and learn more about our activities, visit our website:
Membership is $10 per individual, family or group per year. 

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