WEED: Lachenalia alioides (soldiers)

Ashleigh Coombs - Thursday, August 24, 2017

Hi NRM community 

Thank you for the email. This looks like the introduced plant Lachenalia aloides, commonly called soldiers.

This is a plant species with few collections (only 11) from South Australia, most from ALMR, one from KI, and one near Mount Gambier see:

Check out this website as it has some good images of the plant, and is a great web site for bulbs in general, worth ‘adding to favourites’.

It does look like it could be a problem (that’s my feeling), and is regarded by some as a sleeper weed. For further information on this as an ‘Alert weed’ and this includes limited control methods, etc. See:

& for chemical control, see:

& general basic info (no control info):

I would dearly love a collection, from all locations / populations you find. If anyone else finds this, a collection would be great! Please find the attached collection sheet to include with your collection. Please dig up the bulb and you can cut this open to help with drying. Please include all the leaves and flower if you can. I’ll need a specimen to add the records to the dataset, an email and photos don’t make it on, so sorry.

I’ll try and spread the word about this. Perhaps you could spread the word in the wider NRM / bush care community? It’s you guys out and about, killing nasties that can jump on it and stop this potential new weed from spreading.

And NO you are not a pain, I really appreciate your email and I’m always here to help with the identification of weeds.

Please contact me any time! However, I will be away on annual leave for most of September and early Oct, so you may not hear from me during that period.

However, Chelsea (CC ed in here) will be available to answer questions or push emails through to others that can help when she is about, ( I hope, Thanks in advance Chelsea).

Kind regards

Chris Brodie
Weeds Botanist

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