Who are we?

Friends of Parks Inc is the independent state body established to protect and represent the interests of the many individual Friends of Parks groups and Affiliated groups in SA. Together these groups (over 113 in 2016) represent a membership of over 5000 volunteers whose common interest is the protection and enhancement of South Australia's natural and/or cultural heritage.

Our membership

Friends of Parks Inc groups are community based volunteers who work in genuine partnership with National Parks and Wildlife. Friends Groups are dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the natural and/or cultural heritage in parks and reserves. Some groups focus upon the NATURAL AND CULTURAL HERITAGE in a particular park or a group of parks.

Some groups focus upon the CULTURAL HERITAGE at a particular site, while other groups support a PARTICULAR ACTIVITY that protects or enhances SA's natural and/or cultural heritage.

AFFILIATED with Friends of Parks Inc are numerous volunteer or special interest groups which contribute to the protection and/or enhancement of SA's natural and/or cultural heritage in diverse ways. Some of these groups operate in areas OUTSIDE OF THE FORMAL RESERVE SYSTEM, while others provide OCCASIONAL SUPPORT to park management. Some are SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS that enhance understanding and/or promote and/or enjoy our natural heritage.

Our Key Role

To be a valued and sustainable organisation that supports a regional network of robust park-based volunteer groups.

To achieve the vision the Board will:

    • Support the activities of the group membership and dedicated to maintaining viable and effective groups
    • Source and administer funding from a variety of sources for projects, training and operational expenses
    • Develop and maintaining a financially viable and resourced Board and member group organisation
    • Work with other environmental and associated groups to enhance the protected reserve system whilst embracing a whole of landscape approach to natural resources management
    • Maintain, promote and increase membership numbers and the long-term sustainability of member groups
    • Market the Friends brand across the state and ...
    • Re-position the Friends brand in the market place
    • Increase the profile of South Australian parks/reserves

Forward looking - provide strong, coherent leadership and setting direction in a changing world

Inspiring - provide inspiration and guidance to enable park-based volunteering to evolve and engage new trends, community values and aspirations

Effective - achieve ambitious but realistic goals through effective, imaginative and efficient use of resources.

Positive - optimistic, proactive and constructive in the development of parks based volunteering.

Integrity - an independent association with good governance consistent with natural resources management principles, relevant to the conservation aspirations and activities of the membership

Partnership and Respect - productive and positive engagement with all stakeholders and based on mutual respect.

Key Issues

  • ongoing management of threats such as introduced weeds, feral animals, rubbish dumping, vandalism, misuse of facilities
  • increasing community awareness and involvement in the protection of national parks increasing funding for projects
  • active involvement in the development and implementation of park management plans.

Key Principles

  • Friends of Parks Inc strongly supports the protection of flora, fauna, and important or significant sites.

Operational Structure

Both FRIENDS OF PARKS and AFFILIATED groups operate under a MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING with the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources. Groups individually report to and are supported by their DISTRICT RANGER.

The activities of Friends Groups are jointly planned with district staff in accordance with PARK MANAGEMENT PLANS and philosophies, with consistent standards, designs, and sharing of expertise.

Each Group is self-supporting and its members pay an annual subscription to belong to that group. Fund raising augments this revenue, and in addition, groups are able to apply for GRANTS from a number of sources.

Where are we?

There are Friends of Parks Groups throughout SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Any of these groups will welcome your membership enquiry.

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Useful Documents

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