SA Rangers Association

The South Australian Ranger Association (SARA) came into existence in 2012, and since then we have been growing the organisation and our profile with DEWNR.

On Sunday 31st July it was World Ranger Day, this seems a good time to spread our wings so to speak!

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves with the attached ‘About Us’ document. You will notice it is also a membership form… Friends groups are eligible to join as ‘Affiliate Associations’ under ‘Other Membership’. We welcome new affiliate associations to join and Friends groups may find our correspondence and events of interest. You will receive our newsletter, updates and event information.

Please see the attached document for more information, but essentially the SARA exists to promote the Ranger profession, foster networking and development and we support and fundraise for the Thin Green Line Foundation, see the link below re World Ranger Day to go to their website. They support Rangers that are killed or injured in the line of duty around the world.

Please feel free to get in contact if you would like any information. Should you wish to join, complete the membership form and email or post back via the address on the form or to me at 115 Maryval Road, Athelstone SA 5076. Each Region has a SARA representative that can discuss the Association with you, I attach the staff below:

Region Representative Proxy
KI Danielle Calabro Deb Laver
SAMDB Jared Pippos Bec Pudney
SE Brian Robins Andrew Hansford
Outback Tony Magor Erik Dahl
AMLR Fleurieu Coral Marsden Seiji Iwao
AMLR (Central) Jae Ellis  
AMLR (Northern) Meryl Jenkins Steph Cole
Retired Members Rep Richard Coombe  
West & AW Pat Walsh Michael Freak
President Derek Snowball  
Vice President Simon Oster  
Treasurer Jasmine Swales  
Secretary Jen Pitman  

Kind Regards, and see you in one of beautiful parks soon!

Jen Pitman


South Australian Ranger Association
M: 0438 865 897


Member of the International Ranger Federation

Supporter of the Thin Green Line Foundation

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