Nature Play activities and Friends of Parks member groups

1. Insurance & public liability, - who is providing it, what is covered and what is not ?

Any Nature Play activity in which Friends of Parks volunteers could become involved is usually organised/coordinated by DEWNR staff in consultation with the organisation Nature Play.

Where a Friends group is directly contacted by Nature Play for involvement the group should advise DEWNR and receive official approval to proceed before becoming involved further. Member groups that have become involved in the activity will be covered by the State government insurer. This will be done by DEWNR implementing its volunteer safety procedures.

Benefits are paid on an out-of-pocket basis after other entitlements have been used. In the first instance volunteers are required to exhaust any or all claims that can be made from the following where relevant:

  • Medicare,
  • private health cover,
  • personal insurance,
  • employment sick leave entitlements,
  • compulsory third party bodily injury insurance, etc.,

    The Government will then meet any non-recompensable expenditure with regard to:-

  • medical costs
  • reasonable rehabilitation costs.

    However no benefit is payable in respect to the gap between payments made by Medicare and charges incurred. Legislation prevents insurers covering expenses that have a Medicare component.

Any liability to a third party arising from the action or advice of a volunteer acting in accordance with agency instructions is treated as if the action or advice were that of an employee.

2. Who supervises children involved in the Nature Play activity?

Child participants under the age of 18 are to be supervised at all times by their parents/guardians/carers/teachers when on site. Thus volunteers do not need to have a police assessment and clearance to be part of an on-park Nature Play activity

3. What does Nature Play require from member groups for them to become involved?

If a member group wishes to be part of an organised Nature Play activity that is being planned for in any park or reserve falling under the control and jurisdiction of DEWNR it is simply a matter of approaching and discussing their group’s proposed involvement with relevant DEWNR staff. The nominated DEWNR staff member will then facilitate discussion between all parties involved, and ensure that any volunteers who do wish to be involved, do so safely and are advised of their rights and responsibilities.

[1] If you need further information re this in the first instance contact Mr Ian Radbone DEWNR.